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Cappuccino Milk drink with UHT Arabica coffee.

Cappuccino Ingredients

Caffe Latte Maestro 100% Arabica in ready-to-drink format by Mocay.


Contains: Milk

Use and maintenance at the Cannabis Social Club

No special storage or transport precautions are necessary as it is a UHT product. However, high storage temperatures can cause organoleptic deterioration of the product. The product has a shelf life of 8 months from manufacture. Shake before opening. Once opened, we recommend that you keep the container in the refrigerator and consume the same day. If you want to drink it hot: 1) Remove the lid of the glass and the aluminum cover 2) Place in the microwave oven 3) Heat at medium power for 1 minute.

Discover our vending machines where you can offer Cacaolat in the best conditions to your members and in compliance with current CSC regulations.

About us

CSC GREEN GOURMET is an unattended customised services for Cannabis Social Clubs. We contribute to the well-being of all members with smart tech.

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