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HEINEKEN BEER (Pack 24 x 33cl)

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Water, Pilsen barley malt, hops and yeast. Contains gluten.

Use and maintenance at the Cannabis Social Club

Store the product in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place, protected from rain and away from other products, food or non-food, which may impart strange odours or flavours. Store preferably between 5° and 15°C, avoiding temperatures above 25°C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or heat sources. Do not freeze the product.

Alcoholic strength: 5%. Volume.

It is recommended to be consumed between 5º and 7º C.

Discover our vending machines so you can offer Heineken beer in optimal conditions to your members and respecting all current CSC laws.

Heineken Nutrients

Energy value Approx.117 KJ
Energy value Approx.50 Kcal
Fats Approx.0g
Saturated fatty acids Approx.0g
Carbohydrates Approx.3g
Sugars Approx.0,5g
Proteins Approx.0,2g
Salt Approx.0g

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